How to hang your Glass Print or Metal Print

Tools and Materials required: 25mm (1 inch) length timber screws, screwdriver, lead pencil and spirit level.
Plus wall-mates for plaster walls or wall plugs for masonry walls.

Please note: Detailed instructions will come packaged with your Glass and Metal Prints.
Please ensure you thoroughly read before mounting to ensure safety, protection and maximum strength for the glass.

1: Determine Print's wall location and mark screw holes.

Place wall bracket on your wall in desired location.
Using a pencil and spirit level mark all screw holes.
To maximise hanging strength, all available screw holes must be used to hang your Print.

Step 1

Step 2

2:Wall preparation to maximise wall bracket hanging strength.

Plaster Wall - screw plaster wall-mates into your wall.
Masonry Wall - drill a hole and insert masonry plugs into your wall.
Timber Wall - screw wall bracket directly to your wall.

EXPERT TIP - To maximise hanging strength when hanging on plaster walls
it is important to line up one or more wall bracket screw holes with internal wall studs.

3:Screw wall brackets to the wall

Line up wall bracket with screw holes already marked on your wall. Secure wall brackets to the wall by first screwing the two outside edge screw holes to the wall. Check wall bracket is level and tighten outside edge screws. Then continue to screw until all remaining screw holes are used to safely secure wall bracket.

Step 3

Step 4

4:Carefully hang your print

Securely hold your Glass or Metal Print and carefully lift into position and without scratching the printed surface, safely lower your Print onto the wall bracket.

WARNING - When hanging, handling or storing your Print,
do not allow the rear wall bracket or sharp objects to scratch the painted surface
or damage to your Print is likely to occur.


Glass Print and Metal Print Weights




Approx Weight


Approx Weight

30x45cm Glass


30x45cm Metal


40x50cm Glass


40x50cm Metal


50x75cm Glass


50x75cm Metal


75x100cm Glass


75x100cm Metal



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