About Mini Box


We know treasured moments are fleeting. We know you want to hold on to them – and share them with others. That’s why we’ve created Mini Box. Our range of photo products helps capture and express your special moments and turn them into big memories to cherish and share.

How does Mini Box create big memories?

We give you exciting, easy and affordable ways to remember your special times with unique mementos for yourself and for others. Photo books and canvas prints created from your own photos, and personalised by you, make stunning presents and touching keepsakes. You can turn any moment into a big memory with Mini Box!

What big memories does Mini Box help you capture and express?

The possibilities are endless: a new baby, a family holiday, a friend’s wedding, the first day of school, a graduation. Faces, places, fun-filled times. Our exclusive range of photo books and canvas prints help you create big memories of any moment.

What’s unique about Mini Box’s big memories?

Why do you need Mini Box’s big memories?

You don’t want to forget about those special moments by trapping them on your camera or hiding them away on your hard drive. Share your photos with family and friends; display them on your walls; use them to commemorate baby births or other milestones; offer them at work functions; present them as awards; give them as gifts; keep them as family mementos. Order a big memory online from Mini Box now.

What guarantee does Mini Box offer on products and services?

Click to view The Big Memories Quality Guarantee

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